All I want... best erotica and erotic romance: 2016, 2017


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All I want...

...erotica and erotic romance recommendations from PJ and friends

It started as All I Want for Christmas, a selection of recommended erotica and erotic romance books for Christmas 2012, posted on Facebook. As the title suggest, I hadn't anticipated continuing beyond that Christmas, but the enthusiastic response persuaded me otherwise, so I've kept going.

And here's a random seletion:

Bi the Book by Michael Mechant
When Lacey asked what it was like for the two of us to have sex together, we invited her into bed with us to find out. She wanted to watch two guys together and we wanted to share a woman. We also wanted her to watch us doing each other. This story is about two bisexual men sharing a woman. It involves male to male contact. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Outlaw Revenge (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel) by London Casey
Emily didn't want to go watch a bunch of bikers fight each other, and by the time the fight is over, her best friend is shot dead and Emily finds herself clutching the leather cut of a sexy guy named Gaige as she's on the back of his motorcycle, escaping gunfire. As Vice President of Back Down Devil MC, Gaige Gaen's world is consumed by the club, the life, and finding a way to make it all work. The last thing he needs on his plate - or in his bed - is a woman like Emily. He can't stop looking at her, and he definitely can't stop touching her. He promises to avenge the death of Emily's best friend, Rachel, but then the situation takes a turn for the worse when Rachel's father - a rich man hell bent on revenge - shows up and wants answers that the MC doesn't have. Emily is in fear of returning to a past she had escaped. She and Gaige can't seem to stop their feelings for each other, and as her dangerous past digs its way into the present, Gaige and Back Down Devil are now in the line of fire. The war in Emily and Gaige's hearts rage on, but the war outside needs to be fought... the question is, who is going to make it out alive? (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

What Goes On Tour by Sadie Somerton
I've never really had a thing for older women before, but there's something about Catherine Beacham. But is it really okay to react this way? Surely there's no harm in the thought, at least. She's a hot woman and I'm a red-blooded young man. It's only natural to respond. Only natural for my eyes to be drawn to the long lines of her legs. To her profile as she drives. Down the curves of her body. To be caught looking and glance rapidly away. And then, to have to look again. But there can be nothing more that, can there? It's not as if I've ever had any interest in MILFs - it's just not my thing. Until now. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Paying Her Debt - Taken by the Bikers by Victoria Wessex
Gwen is known to her street racing friends as "Princess" and everyone thinks butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. But they don't know about the fantasies Gwen hides...fantasies of being taken by strong, muscled men.... When Gwen agrees to run a trunkful of guns across the state for a notorious biker gang, it sounds like a straightforward job. But when the guns go missing, she's left in the bikers' debt until the other street racers can get them back. In a biker bar packed with men, all of Gwen's fantasies are about to come true.... (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Spy Games: Paradise Falls, Book 4 by Abigail Graham
Jennifer Katzenberg never imagined herself fighting for her life, rescuing captives or learning martial arts. All that changed when Jacob Kane came roaring into her life just in time to rescue her from an abusive stalker. Now she's paid him back with a rescue of her own. Together, they face even greater challenges as Jacob's investigation into the bridge collapse that destroyed their families leads them down roads best untraveled. Everything Jennifer knows about her lost husband, her family, and her life is about to be turned upside down. As Jennifer and Jacob grow from partners into a couple, Jennifer must face her own fears and the sinister forces that threaten to destroy them both. In the end, all they may have is each other. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

Lap Dancer: A Menage a Trois by Sadie Somerton
She danced for us. The beautiful, long-limbed redhead we met at the lap-dancing club. The mysterious dancer who entered our marriage from nowhere with a promise of everything, and threatened to tear it apart. Private Dancer: the explosive - and extremely explicit - Menage a Trois trilogy from the queen of hotwife erotica, Sadie Somerton. (Amazon US - Amazon UK)

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