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Unwrapped - the big erotic bundle
Unwrapped - the big erotic bundle by Polly J Adams and Multiple Partners
Cheerleaders, sleepovers, dorm orgies, cuckoldry, adultery... first times and lots of times. Nine sizzlingly explicit stories from bestselling authors of erotica and erotic romance. (Unwrapped - the big erotic bundle at Amazon)
Danger Fucks: The Half-minute Pick-up
Danger Fucks: The Half-minute Pick-up by Polly J Adams
Jess has this thing she does whenever that mischievous, horny mood steals over her and she just wants cock. Different cock. She calls it the half-minute pick-up. It's such a thrill, that dangerous rush of picking a man out, approaching him, pausing, making eye contact, an innocent comment... Half a minute is all it takes. Jess is careful, she's selective, and it has worked every time for her. (Danger Fucks: The Half-minute Pick-up at Amazon)
Girl Talk: Make-up Sex
Girl Talk: Make-up Sex by Polly J Adams
Karen hates it when they fight. But afterwards... well, that's something else altogether. That's when things get lively and Karen learns that she likes it rough, and that she will always give as good as she gets. An edgy, explicit story of passionate, rough sex from the bestselling author of Bad Girls, Taken at the Club and Three Times a Virgin. (Girl Talk: Make-up Sex at Amazon)
Girl Talk: Sex by the Pool
Girl Talk: Sex by the Pool by Polly J Adams
When Stacey takes her new boyfriend on holiday with some old friends she realises quickly that it's a mistake. She doesn't want to be stuck on an island hotel with a man who is rapidly becoming her ex. But when one of her friends shows a surprising level of understanding and sensitivity, she learns that he's always had a thing for her. Maybe this holiday hasn't been such a mistake after all. (Girl Talk: Sex by the Pool at Amazon)
Girl Talk: Massage Party
Girl Talk: Massage Party by Polly J Adams
You know how it is when things take an unexpected turn, right? Like when you go for a day at the spa with your husband and things get a bit steamy between the two of you. And when your full body massage turns out to be a very intimate kind of massage while your husband watches. Sometimes these things happen, and when they do you just have to roll with it. (Girl Talk: Massage Party at Amazon)
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