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Stacey's Sleepover (or, A Threesome with my Boyfriend and his Best Friend) by Polly J Adams
When Stacey checked on her house-guest she didn't expect to find him lying there with the covers pushed aside, stark naked and clearly very aroused. She didn't expect to suddenly want him so much. The question is, what should she do about it? An explicit adult story featuring a threesome with one woman and two men, from the bestselling author of Bad Again and The Virgin And The Three Brothers. (Stacey's Sleepover (or, A Threesome with my Boyfriend and his Best Friend) at Amazon)
Danger Fucks: Personal Service
Danger Fucks: Personal Service by Polly J Adams
We've all done it. That snatched blowjob on a quiet train, the bathroom knee-trembler in a house full of people, the car park quickie. Adrenalin sex... the danger fuck. In the first in a new series of stories by bestselling author Polly J Adams, Jackie starts to fantasise about the hot young shop assistant while she's trying on a new dress. An explicit adult story of blowjobs and public sex. (Danger Fucks: Personal Service at Amazon)
Campus Sex Club: Getting Real
Campus Sex Club: Getting Real by Polly J Adams
The last thing hot young professor Will Walton expects to see from one of his students is an essay about the Campus Sex Club: a place where students and staff meet others for casual sex. 'No holds barred, but all preferences respected' is the only rule. Curious, he invites the essay's author, Ella McBride, to his office so he can find out more... (Campus Sex Club: Getting Real at Amazon)
Three Times a Virgin
Three Times a Virgin by Polly J Adams
Jess likes to explore her sexuality; she likes to play and she's a girl who finds it very hard to say "no". Her husband Adam is less adventurous. He likes to fantasise. He encourages Jess in her sexual adventures and loves to hear about them afterwards. Then, chatting one night in bed, Jess realises that Adam might be open to a little more than just planning and hearing about her exploits... (Three Times a Virgin at Amazon)
Selena Does Porn
Selena Does Porn by Polly J Adams
Always the quiet one, always the voyeur, when Selena starts to explore her sexuality in a porn cinema in Soho she discovers the thrills of turning the tables - not watching, but being watched. When all the men in the cinema ignore the screen and watch Selena instead, she realises she has found the biggest turn-on ever. (Selena Does Porn at Amazon)
The Rules of the Game
The Rules of the Game by Polly J Adams
Jack and Karen live complicated lives and rarely get time alone together. So when Jack is called away on business on their anniversary there is a price to pay. Karen sends him a series of messages on his phone and he has to follow her instructions to the letter if he is to win -- he has to play by the rules of the game. (The Rules of the Game at Amazon)
Bad Again
Bad Again by Polly J Adams
Jess has been bad again, and this is her story. Away from her husband on a business trip, she bumps into an old flame who promises to make up for his previous bad behaviour. When the offer involves not just the old flame but one of his colleagues too it seems rude to refuse... Having sex with two men at once is a fantasy for lots of women, but for Jess it is about to become a reality. (Bad Again at Amazon)
Private Journey
Private Journey by Polly J Adams
You're on a train together; it's quiet, you're tempted... But you have to be discreet. You have to be careful... you have to make sure no one can see how you press against each other, where you're touching him, where he's touching you. An intensely-charged erotic story about a woman who likes to be in control, previously published in the collection, You... (Private Journey at Amazon)
You by Polly J Adams
You're on a train together; it's quiet, you're tempted... You're at a remote beach, there's a chalet, a chance to get warm... You're at work, and you just know you're going to cross the line... You're out together and the only rule is No Touching... only watching... You're tempted - you know you are. Four intensely-charged erotic stories focusing on your desires, your fantasies. You... (You at Amazon)
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