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Lizzie and Cara Make Three
Lizzie and Cara Make Three by Polly J Adams
When Cara tells her best friend that her husband Steve has always wanted a threesome, she should have known what would happen... Returning home from work, Steve joins them and they tease him about what they would do. It's all a bit of fun, of course, not something they would really do - but that doesn't stop them, and when talk becomes act Steve finds that his birthday has come a week early. (Lizzie and Cara Make Three at Amazon)
Selena Does Porn
Selena Does Porn by Polly J Adams
Always the quiet one, always the voyeur, when Selena starts to explore her sexuality in a porn cinema in Soho she discovers the thrills of turning the tables - not watching, but being watched. When all the men in the cinema ignore the screen and watch Selena instead, she realises she has found the biggest turn-on ever. (Selena Does Porn at Amazon)
Private Journey
Private Journey by Polly J Adams
You're on a train together; it's quiet, you're tempted... But you have to be discreet. You have to be careful... you have to make sure no one can see how you press against each other, where you're touching him, where he's touching you. An intensely-charged erotic story about a woman who likes to be in control, previously published in the collection, You... (Private Journey at Amazon)
Virgin Territory
Virgin Territory by Polly J Adams and Ruby Fielding
After a night of madness when the sisters Anna and Esme demonstrated their power over the village in an orgy of passion and release, Ruth and Saul have only one option: to flee, to find a fresh start somewhere far away. But the sisters have other ideas, and they set out to use their unearthly talents to trap the two lovers forever. The final instalment of paranormal erotica series The Touch. (Virgin Territory at Amazon)
All Come Together
All Come Together by Polly J Adams and Ruby Fielding
A very adult tale of magic, passion and explicit sex from the author of Touched, Letting Go and Private Party. Fearing himself to be magically Charmed by the enigmatic Ruth, Saul is tempted to take the advice he has been given to flee while he still can, but then one night the men of the village are drawn to the Hall where Ruth lives and Saul is compelled to follow... (All Come Together at Amazon)
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