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Working Girl: the complete set
Working Girl: the complete set by Polly J Adams
A good girl from a small town family, Beth Masters is seduced by her wealthy boss on her first day. The loss of her virginity is the first step on a journey that leads her to discover a totally unsuspected side to her nature. A story full of sex with her wealthy bosses and complete strangers, a world of cuckoldry and sexual adventure as Beth discovers what kind of a girl she really is. (Working Girl: the complete set at Amazon)
Working Girl 4: Tell Me All About It
Working Girl 4: Tell Me All About It by Polly J Adams
So how does a well brought-up girl from a good small-town family end up in a big city relationship with a man who would do anything for her, and who was rarely more happy than when he was hearing about what she does with other men? (Working Girl 4: Tell Me All About It at Amazon)
Working Girl 3: Putting on a Show
Working Girl 3: Putting on a Show by Polly J Adams
So once you've really understood the implications of your lover's generosity, and that it includes sharing you with his closest friend and business partner, you really should know where that's heading, shouldn't you? You should have guessed that it's heading for an evening pretty much like the one where he admits he gets a kick out of watching you with other men... (Working Girl 3: Putting on a Show at Amazon)
Working Girl 2: Equal Partners
Working Girl 2: Equal Partners by Polly J Adams
Beth Masters has been lucky in her life so far. She comes from a good family, has good friends and she's worked hard to reach where she has. And now she has a man who is not only gorgeous, generous and a phenomenal lover, but a thoroughly good person. If there are limits to his generosity, Bella is yet to find them. Indeed, it turns out that he's willing to share just about everything. (Working Girl 2: Equal Partners at Amazon)
Working Girl 1: Breaking the Office Intern
Working Girl 1: Breaking the Office Intern by Polly J Adams
You know that moment? The one where suddenly everything changes, when the power shifts. When a man who has been domineering and in control is suddenly anything but. When he'd do anything for you not to stop doing that thing you've been doing. That moment. That. (Working Girl 1: Breaking the Office Intern at Amazon)
Bad Girls
Bad Girls by Polly J Adams
A collection of four explicit stories of sexual exploration from the bestselling author of The Virgin and the Three Brothers, You and Letting Go. Stories in this volume are: Selena does Porn; Easy as One, Two, Three; Private Party; and Bad Again. This book contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature, including cheating wives, group sex, anal sex, and oral sex, and is for an adult audience only. (Bad Girls at Amazon)
The Rules of the Game
The Rules of the Game by Polly J Adams
Jack and Karen live complicated lives and rarely get time alone together. So when Jack is called away on business on their anniversary there is a price to pay. Karen sends him a series of messages on his phone and he has to follow her instructions to the letter if he is to win -- he has to play by the rules of the game. (The Rules of the Game at Amazon)
Bad Again
Bad Again by Polly J Adams
Jess has been bad again, and this is her story. Away from her husband on a business trip, she bumps into an old flame who promises to make up for his previous bad behaviour. When the offer involves not just the old flame but one of his colleagues too it seems rude to refuse... Having sex with two men at once is a fantasy for lots of women, but for Jess it is about to become a reality. (Bad Again at Amazon)
Private Journey
Private Journey by Polly J Adams
You're on a train together; it's quiet, you're tempted... But you have to be discreet. You have to be careful... you have to make sure no one can see how you press against each other, where you're touching him, where he's touching you. An intensely-charged erotic story about a woman who likes to be in control, previously published in the collection, You... (Private Journey at Amazon)
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