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Unfaithful: Explicit Stories of Escape and Betrayal
Unfaithful: Explicit Stories of Escape and Betrayal by Polly J Adams, Ruby Fielding and Multiple Partners
It's so wrong... Wrong to be turned on by stories of cheating partners, of a boyfriend with a roving eye or a girlfriend who succumbs to temptation. Wrong to be attracted to an old flame, a colleague, a friend or even a complete stranger. But some things are so wrong they just have to be right. Seven explicit stories from some of the hottest erotica writers around. (Unfaithful: Explicit Stories of Escape and Betrayal at Amazon)
The Girls
The Girls' Club Boxed Set by Polly J Adams
A box-set collection of eight explicit stories of adult adventure from the bestselling author of Bad Again, Working Girl and Wings of Desire. Stories to get steamy with from a top 25-ranked Amazon erotica author. (The Girls' Club Boxed Set at Amazon)
Jenny Goes Dogging
Jenny Goes Dogging by Polly J Adams
Jenny's marriage has gone flat - her life has gone flat - and she's determined to do something about it. When she stumbles across a group of people having sex in a local car park one evening she realises there might just be a way to bring some fun back into her life. At first she watches them from a distance, but when she realises she's hooked there's only one thing for her to do... (Jenny Goes Dogging at Amazon)
Girl Talk: Make-up Sex
Girl Talk: Make-up Sex by Polly J Adams
Karen hates it when they fight. But afterwards... well, that's something else altogether. That's when things get lively and Karen learns that she likes it rough, and that she will always give as good as she gets. An edgy, explicit story of passionate, rough sex from the bestselling author of Bad Girls, Taken at the Club and Three Times a Virgin. (Girl Talk: Make-up Sex at Amazon)
Girl Talk: Sex by the Pool
Girl Talk: Sex by the Pool by Polly J Adams
When Stacey takes her new boyfriend on holiday with some old friends she realises quickly that it's a mistake. She doesn't want to be stuck on an island hotel with a man who is rapidly becoming her ex. But when one of her friends shows a surprising level of understanding and sensitivity, she learns that he's always had a thing for her. Maybe this holiday hasn't been such a mistake after all. (Girl Talk: Sex by the Pool at Amazon)
Girl Talk: Cocktails
Girl Talk: Cocktails by Polly J Adams
When Jackie gets talking to the barman she doesn't expect to start sharing intimate stories... or for him to tell her about the things he's seen here at the bar. But once you start that kind of conversation it's a slippery slope and it's not long before they're inventing an altogether new cocktail of their own. This very adult book also includes a complete free bonus story: Forbidden Fruit. (Girl Talk: Cocktails at Amazon)
Danger Fucks: To Sir, with Lust
Danger Fucks: To Sir, with Lust by Polly J Adams
Going back to school to talk to her daughter's teachers triggered all kinds of memories for Karen. It made her feel like a teenager again. And it brought back the fantasies, the teenage crushes on some of the teachers. But what do you do when you get the opportunity to play out one of those fantasies for real? In a story based on a true encounter, Karen tells all. (Danger Fucks: To Sir, with Lust at Amazon)
Knee-tremblers: the collected stories
Knee-tremblers: the collected stories by Polly J Adams
All five stories in bestselling erotica author Polly J Adams' Knee-tremblers series, brought together in a single volume. Knee-tremblers: where one moment of madness leads to a passionate affair, a country club gangbang and much more... Five sizzlingly explicit tales of oral sex, group sex and much, much more. (Knee-tremblers: the collected stories at Amazon)
Knee-tremblers 1: Forbidden Fruit
Knee-tremblers 1: Forbidden Fruit by Polly J Adams
Tell me: am I a bitch? Am I a double-crossing slut? No. On second thoughts, don't tell me. I know the answer. New girl Katie had been keeping her husband under wraps. Maybe she knew all along that I'm a bitch, a slut - maybe that's why she'd been hiding him away. What we did that night was wrong, I know. But once you've tasted forbidden fruit, is there ever any going back? (Knee-tremblers 1: Forbidden Fruit at Amazon)
Knee-tremblers 2: Unfaithful
Knee-tremblers 2: Unfaithful by Polly J Adams
I tried really hard to be good. But I'm just not that strong. And I'm a bitch. The odds were never really going to be in my favour. That day, when Katie said to me, "So how would you do it? How would you make him fall for you all over again? How would you seduce him?" That day... The honest answer would have been, I did, Katie. I did. The second story in the erotic romance Knee-tremblers series. (Knee-tremblers 2: Unfaithful at Amazon)
Knee-tremblers 4: The Long Shot
Knee-tremblers 4: The Long Shot by Polly J Adams
They say one thing leads to another, and that's certainly what I found with Reuben. Flirting at a party had led to a knee-trembler, a one-off screw that became an affair. The affair had led to... well it had led to a country club gangbang. But it had to stop. We couldn't carry on like this. Could we...? (Knee-tremblers 4: The Long Shot at Amazon)
Danger Fucks: XXX with my Ex
Danger Fucks: XXX with my Ex by Polly J Adams
What would you do if you walked in on someone having sex? What if it was your ex, a man who still had the power to make you wet with eye contact alone? What if it was your ex with one of your best friends? Continuing her popular Danger Fucks series, bestselling author Polly J Adams revisits her own past and tells you exactly what she did. (Danger Fucks: XXX with my Ex at Amazon)
Danger Fucks: Personal Service
Danger Fucks: Personal Service by Polly J Adams
We've all done it. That snatched blowjob on a quiet train, the bathroom knee-trembler in a house full of people, the car park quickie. Adrenalin sex... the danger fuck. In the first in a new series of stories by bestselling author Polly J Adams, Jackie starts to fantasise about the hot young shop assistant while she's trying on a new dress. An explicit adult story of blowjobs and public sex. (Danger Fucks: Personal Service at Amazon)
Private Journey
Private Journey by Polly J Adams
You're on a train together; it's quiet, you're tempted... But you have to be discreet. You have to be careful... you have to make sure no one can see how you press against each other, where you're touching him, where he's touching you. An intensely-charged erotic story about a woman who likes to be in control, previously published in the collection, You... (Private Journey at Amazon)
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