Escape (A Club Extraordinaire romance) by PJ Adams (romance, love triangle, erotic romance, contemporary, steamy romance, bondage, sadomasochism, sadism, masochism, bdsm, bdsm club, bdsm romance, alpha male, submission, discipline)

Escape (A Club Extraordinaire romance) by PJ Adams


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What had gone wrong? And then she realized that perhaps it wasn't that it was wrong, but that it was so right.

Escape (A Club Extraordinaire romance)

by PJ Adams

Escape (A Club Extraordinaire romance) by PJ Adams (romance, love triangle, erotic romance, contemporary, steamy romance, bondage, sadomasochism, sadism, masochism, bdsm, bdsm club, bdsm romance, alpha male, submission, discipline)

Club Extraordinaire: go there for discipline and adventure, go there for the thrill, go there for sweet, sweet love.

Club Extraordinaire is a place Julie had shared with Nathan. A place where they could indulge themselves in the senses. A place to be free. Going there alone for the first time since Nathan had walked out is a strange and liberating experience, and one full of surprises.

Just who is the masked stranger, and what is it about him that draws Julie so powerfully? Is it the way he moves, or the way he is so confident and masterful? Or is it that he reminds her so strongly of her ex?

And who is the handsome guy who runs the coffee shop across the street from the Club? There's clearly far more to him than first meets the eye.

Pulled in different directions, Julie must work out what she really wants from life: does she want it all, or does she just want escape?

A story of passion and intrigue, of endings and new beginnings. A story full of the twists and turns familiar to readers of PJ Adams' work, including the bestsellers Winner Takes All and Black Widow.

Published: 30 Dec 2014

"I really loved this story! She is still hurt and haunted of being hurt by her ex but that doesn't stop her from being herself. She is comfortable with herself and sexual preferences. You follow her 'normal' life, but at the club is where she is at home. Lots of surprises come along the way. This was an amazing hot read!!!" - Amazon reader review


She hadn't anticipated the complex rush of feelings when she came to the club for the first time without Nathan. She hadn't given it much thought at all. She'd found herself heading here even before she realized. It was a Monday night thing: after a day back at work, the Club was a form of escape.

Monday nights at the Extraordinaire had been a regular thing for Julie and Nathan. So even though she hadn't been for a few weeks, it didn't seem at all unusual to be getting ready after work; before she knew it she found herself in a cab with her outfit concealed beneath a long faux fur coat, her mask and other accessories tucked into a discreet leather shoulder bag.

It was only then that she started to feel conflicted. Going to the club alone. It had always been a shared thing, a place to slip into different roles, a different aspect of their relationship. She almost asked the driver to turn back, but no. Once she was inside the Club it would be different. Once she was free of coat and bag, herself again, back in the thick of it all again...

She felt as if she'd come home.

She was greeted at the door with rib-crunching hugs by Madame Superior, a six-foot black woman in needle heels and a leather nun's habit and wimple. When she had disentangled herself, Julie slipped out of her fur and handed it with her bag to one of Madame's house slaves.

"It's been a long time," said Madame, clapping her hands together. "Lookin' good!"

Julie had put on fishnet stockings, a leather mini-skirt and a tiny leather bustier with a chain-loop front. A black brocade masquerade mask completed the outfit – little more than a hint of anonymity, but enough to give her confidence. She couldn't remember the last time she'd dressed up, the last time simply the act of dressing up had made her feel this good.

"So what's it going to be tonight, honey?"

"I'm good. Just going to look around."

Madame Superior nodded. "You do that, honey. And remember: if you want fixing up with anyone or anything, just come looking for Madame, okay?"

She'd never really done this, just wandered around, taking it all in. Such freedom to explore was a new thing for Julie.

It was odd to be here and feel so unconstrained – literally! Nathan had been strict about what she could and couldn't do here. That was part of their thing, the control. He loved to show her off, and she loved to be displayed by him, to feel coveted and wanted. When they played out scenes here, it had usually been in one of the dungeon rooms, with Julie chained to the St Andrew's cross, or in stocks, or just cuffed to a suspension bar: restrained and displayed, like a slave up for auction. With Nathan it had been all about the control.

She'd never known she was like that, until Nathan. For her, being controlled by him had been the first time she had explored that side of her personality.

But now she saw there was so much more...

The Club occupied several levels of this old brownstone building. Everywhere you turned, there was another room, a party, a bar, a scene. Decadent boudoir rooms, a jail room, a padded cell; countless rooms kitted out with whipping benches, racks and other devices of punishment and restraint...

Just walking around... it was such a thrill! She hadn't realized how much Nathan had shielded her away from.

She paused to watch a couple in the jail room. He was maybe sixtyish, but with a body that had clearly been looked after, the muscles well-honed, the skin tight, hairless, and covered in intertwined tattoos. His arms stretched above him, pulled tight, attached to iron loops in the wall by heavy cuffs. His body was pulled so taut it looked sculptural. He wore only leather-strapped mini-shorts and a matching leather cap that extended down over his eyes.

Julie remembered one time... She had been suspended from those same iron loops, her face hard against the stone wall, while Nathan had paddled her naked ass. Just as then, Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet played in the background.

But now... A skinny blonde woman in a black catsuit pulled back and then swung a thickly-tailed flogger down across the suspended man's chest. It struck with a flick of the wrist and a sharp snapping sound. The man's body jerked, and he gasped. The woman said something in a low voice, paused, pulled back, and swung again.

Julie stood against the cell bars, pressing hard against the unyielding metal. Watching, waiting with almost as much anticipation as the man must feel. Another sharp snap, a gasp, a muttered exchange. It was odd... This was such an intimate, private scene with words that could not be heard by anyone but the participants, and yet it was being played out in front of a crowded room.

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